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Merry Christmas

Hope you are enjoying this holiday. This is a quick one, just to wish you unending joy, good health, unprecedented breakthroughs and more...this season and always.
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An Owl or a Brother / Sister, Which Would You Pick?

'Brotherhood of the brothers'  Vs  Uber Cute + Cuddly Owl I just saw / read about the sweet little girl who  innocently plans to sell her younger brother for $54 (in exchange for a toy owl) and I couldn't help chuckling to myself.  Little Rachel would 'sell' her brother because she wanted a toy owl and because 'something in him is wrong'. Never mind that she would later go back to the Pet Store after having her fill of the beautifully quiet and trouble-free owl to see if he is still there and possibly buy him back for $1 but just how funny is that and where in the world do these innocent thoughts and words come from? Source This sure made my afternoon and I'm just here, smiling to myself while wondering what poor little Jason would be doing in the Pet Store even though he is bound to have some really cool company in there. See those little guys up there in the first picture? They can fight for Africa...e

The Gloomy Sky that Spoke..

I'm writing this at my break time at work amidst my cluttered desk. Sometimes, it appears as if a tornado just ravaged my work desk with the loads of unattended requests, transactions, quotes, Orders, Cards scattered all over, etc. I rather think it has less to do with having too much to do and more to do with organization, anyway. I know. You know.

Maternal Mortality: A Fatal too many

She was shivering and sweating profusely as her hubby stood by wiping the beads of sweat off her fevered brow. Her brave clear eyes sparkled with unshed tears as she struggled to keep faith in line with the many verbal admonitions. As she had been doing for 5+ painfully long weeks. Bravely enduring the pain wracking her entire being with all the tubes passed into her, the thirst and hunger...muttering to herself at intervals...praying the pain would go away...praying she would walk out of that room to be with her baby...praying the administered drugs would work the required miracle...keeping faith... Faith...

Maternal Mortality in Nigeria : Another Mother / Child Lost

Deceased I just read this on  Punch Online  and I'm tearing up right now. This sad story just re-opened the scabs of the wound my family has been dealing with in the last three months...would probably share 'my' story soon. So heartbreaking... ................................................................................................................................................................ When Omowumi Shonuga tapped her husband that her water had broken at 5 am on Thursday morning, being a sign of labour pain, anxiety took hold of him. Although he, Ayobanji Shonuga, was remotely happy that his second child was about to be born, he was as nervous as many men would be in that situation.

The Love Note on the White Board

''Sign up for parenting, and you don't get to do any other shift(s) because that's about the only shift available''   D1: Tomorrow is our Open Day...I want mummy to come. Me: No, daddy would attend because I am going to be very busy at work. Hubby: But you know Wednesdays are usually very busy for me because I'd be in clinic throughout. Turning to the boys: Don't worry...mummy would try and come for 'your' open day, okay? Yeeeeeeesssssss...We want mummy to come...we want mummy to come.... Me: Okay, I will try. So much for reluctant commitments...muttering under my breath, mentally rolling my huge eyes as I stroll away from the trio ganging up against me.

Happy New November

For YOU, May the heavens smile sweetly, May the sun shine brightly, May the fields bring forth abundance, May every challenge poised to break your stride be overcome, May terror be far from you, May oppression be far removed, May November be truly happy.

No Longer a Slave to Fear

So I was at the annual Global Leadership Summit earlier and it was loaded as usual, would probably share (here) some of the lessons picked up at the Summit in the coming weeks. I also got the opportunity to watch the performance of an amazing song by Jonathan David and Melissa Helser... ...and I became hooked from then so much that the song has been on replay on my system ever since.


So I was gone for 4 months and here I am, saying a quick hello...again. It is absolutely in order, I believe. A lot has happened in the last four months which I would still share here. But for now, this is hello...from me *in Adele's voice*... ...and I'm still busy clearing the cobwebs, pulling dust covers and dunking a couple of tea bags in my newly cleaned china to join me? .