Monday, 20 January 2014

Valentine Arrived Early: Shell Craft DIY

Remember my last beach post?

I finally found great ideas for what to make with my seashells  treasures.

I initially wanted to make a seahorse but discovered I did not have enough shells and I didn't like the look of my starfish either; so seeing the atmosphere was beginning to emit 'lovey-dovey' radiations, why not make a heart-shell craft or shell-heart craft? So heart-whatever-combination it was.

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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Life is a beach...really

So this year got off to a very good start for me with lots of motivation packed into my 'big' frame.

Hoping and praying to sail through the same way I know...crossed over to 2014 with lots of prayers for a good year, then had lots of good heavy food (really tempted to take pictures of my culinary exploits and share here...but no thanks...). Talking about food, I did something weird...a post for another day, if I ever get round to it.
Then I left Hubby and the kids alternating between Disney Junior and CNN and just crashed on the bed for some well deserved rest.Oh sweet, blissful rest.

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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

(A Very) Happy New Year


Hello beautiful people,

You are on this page simply because you made it to 2014 and I am so happy to see the new year with you.

I already feel strongly that this year is going to be the best I've experienced so far and I pray it is going to be for you and I a year of lifting, promotion, progress, exceeding joy, abundance, victory, fulfillment, prosperity, transformation, positive turn-around, expansion, pleasant surprises and unending peace.

See you around soon.