Monday, 26 October 2015

No Longer a Slave to Fear

So I was at the annual Global Leadership Summit earlier and it was loaded as usual, would probably share (here) some of the lessons picked up at the Summit in the coming weeks.

I also got the opportunity to watch the performance of an amazing song by Jonathan David and Melissa Helser...

...and I became hooked from then so much that the song has been on replay on my system ever since.

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Sunday, 25 October 2015


So I was gone for 4 months and here I am, saying a quick hello...again. It is absolutely in order, I believe.

A lot has happened in the last four months which I would still share here.

But for now, this is hello...from me *in Adele's voice*...

...and I'm still busy clearing the cobwebs, pulling dust covers and dunking a couple of tea bags in my newly cleaned china to join me?
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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Safe in the Woods

Softly she sways to the rhythm of the winds
As the sweetly singing birds lure with their soothing melodies
Far away in a distant land where no rancor dwells
Even as she closes her eyes in utter contentment

In, the melodious tunes beckon her battle-weary soul
No wailing could deter as she breaks free from the bonds of love

Trust in the upward pull, she whispers as she floats away
Holding on tight lest the singing stops and the spell breaks
Escape, sweet soul..escape from the woods into eternal rest

Words, soothing but searing, brings little respite
O little ones, smile at the winds and sway to the songs
Out of the woods, blissfully all will be someday
Despairing not at the vain glories of the woods
Safe in the woods, nobody ever is.

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