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Test Your Mental Alertness (II)

About a year ago, I posted this  fun brainteasers which would soon become one of the most viewed post so much that I decided to do a part 2. (Call it the Nigerian factor...seen too many Nollywood movies) A sister actually sent this to me and I am generous enough to share here so you may try it free and thank me later. lol.  Test Your mental Alertness (Pt II) This test has reportedly been in existence for 50 years or more and has been accurate in testing intelligence. You may even have come across this before but no real harm in trying again. I read Bill Gates scored 3 on his first attempt. See? You don't have to be scared to try more than once. And then if you score above 3, you'ld actually have something to brag about, no?  Oya let's go there...

Book Review -Island Bound by Kiru Taye

Yay. Finally getting round to posting reviews of the few books I managed to squeeze into my tight reading schedule these last couple of months. Out of the few I read, I choose to write first on Island Bound for one big reason. It's a short, romantic story. Period. You see, I was am a romantic and growing up was spiced with guzzling endless novels -from dear mum's 'library' and occasionally borrowed from friends. I wasn't really into movies neither was I outdoorsy, just hand me a good book and you would find me hours later curled up in bed- smiling to myself while devouring the poor thing. Back then, my appetite was voracious to say the least.