Thursday, 28 March 2013

A Story of Love...For YOU.

Once upon a time...time time... there were thirteen friends who walked the surface of the earth.

Everybody knew them because they went everywhere together, visited each others homes, studied together, prayed together, organized tutorials for people and ate together.

So great was the love that existed among them.

They were like a team and they had a team leader who was like a captain, in fact they called Him Captain. He was very sound, all round and very rich too. His Father is the owner of the land and everything that existed in the land but he was given to not-so-rich and simple guardians to learn the ways of the not-so-rich world.

Captain it was who took charge of directing and teaching the members of the team; he taught them the acts of service, living right, speaking right and doing good.

Captain had a mission and dream which his friends / team members shared and supported -to change the world, rid the world of all ills and illnesses, give hope to the hopeless and help the needy and these they did very well.

The Captain was very skillful at reforming the lost and feeding the hungry, even feeding several thousands at a mean feat.
Did I mention that he was also a physician? He was good at treating the very sick and dying even to the extent of resuscitating those the physicians at that time already declared dead. His father has all the resources he needed to give meaning to people's lives.

He was very powerful yet humble. He still is very powerful because his works and deeds have lives of their own, still testifying to the extent of his greatness.

And to think He was so young then, younger than I am today yet he spoke and acted with authority, teaching and commanding very much older and acclaimed experienced teachers; even the people in government then.

Then came a time when His Father intimated him of his ultimate mission which was to donate himself to salvage the lives of many which was at stake.


So many people at that time were really ill, terminally ill and would need organ donors and life blood to keep them alive forever; in fact many are still very ill today, in body, mind and spirit. It was only the Captain's organs that matched that of the entire populace, only his blood could save the entire world- those existing at that time, those existing now and those yet unborn.

And the Captain agreed to give himself for the whole populace, a piece of him for everyone.

Now, can you beat that?

Would I had agreed to such?


He told his team members and even though they did not fully comprehend, yet they promised all the same to stand by him to make the task easier, afterall they'd come a long way, done a lot together, etc, etc.

Is that not what friends are for?

To cut the long story short, the day came to board that final bus to the hospital to carry out the operation.

All of them but one were together praying for strength and courage even though most of them were already in dreamland, comfortably enscounced in their fantasies.

(I can identify with that, if you don't, then walk into any church on a Sunday afternoon and you'd get my drift)

And then the mean looking escorts arrived with siren blasting to whisk the Captain away.
One of the thirteen -lured with a paltry sum was even with the escorts to help them identify Captain so they would'nt mistake someone else for him.

(Now I know greed had been in existence even before the amalgamation!)

And they all fled and left him. ALONE.

They all picked race with their legs touching the back of their heads, including the one that previously swore on his father's grave to die with and for him.

What would I had done?

To look right, let and center and found you were standing alone.
Tough one.

How many times had we needed encouragement in our times of need and we got let down by the people closest to us, people we had hitherto felt would stick with us through thick and thin, people we had shared our dreams, hopes and aspirations with?

It happens everyday, disappointments, backstabbing, etc.

They fled from him when he was at his most vulnerable,
They fled from him when he needed friends by his side,
They fled when he needed shoulders to lean upon in order to make the laborious journey lighter, when he needed friends to lighten the yoke.

This story is not about betrayal but about LOVE.

Even without them, He continued, alone and went along with the mean escorts to fulfil his destiny and mission on earth.

What an inspiration!
What manner of man!

On and on he went, sweating profusely, his breathing laboured with the heavy weight upon his shoulders, with the heavier weight upon his heart.

Even though he was still very powerful even in the state of fatigue, he chose to continue; when he could have disappeared from their midst or call down thunder and fire on them.

His flesh becoming weak, his feet turning into lead with each step, his sweat merging with blood -plastering his hair to his scalp, his cloths clinging wearily to his frame, steadily, he limped on; drawing strenght from within and above, he went on till the end, propelled by LOVE .

That is why I could sit and type this albeit with great trepidation, my heart thumping at the events of that fateful day.

If it were me, what would I have done?

Well, It wasn't me and that is why we can tell the story of this great love today.

Its that time of the year again and the least we can do is to spread the love around in words and in deed to justify that long and painful journey.

This should not be seasonal but should rather be reflected in our words and deeds, all day long, all year round.

Lets make a difference in our world in order to justify that journey.

He made no mistake by continuing on that long and lonely journey for us.

No love could be greater.
No story could be sweeter.
No love story could end happier.

Lets keep loving and doing good.

I Love You All.


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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Meet Betty...

Warning: This post is actually ''2 in 1''!
Number One
I first met Betty in September, 2012 at a time I needed a friend to encourage my latest exploit / passion.
Immediately I set my eyes on her, we took to each other like fish to water and I had no choice than to bring her home with me; providing the much needed shelter and a safe haven from the extreme loneliness she must have endured.
She had since found a permanent abode with me. I see her everyday and we commune, heart to heart at least once in a week. 
She has been faithful, never complaining no matter what she is subjected to, ever cheerful, tough and dependable. 
Sweet sweet old Betty.
Meet her after the cut.
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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Kids and Cartoons

D1 is presently writing his second semester..sorry, second term exams after which the school will go on break for at least 2 weeks or more. Nothing changes for me though as both boys would have to make do with staying at the creche during the break. Mum & dad gotta keep working now.

The week has been full of revisions and reviews though that doesnt stop them from watching cartoon while I am busy making dinner.

I remember before D1 started his 3rd term exams last year, his teachers practically begged me to please stop him watching cartoons at home.

Their reason?

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Friday, 22 March 2013

A Tale of Two Great Men

Prophet T.O Obadare

Prophet T.O ObadareGrowing up in Akure, the Ondo State capital was fun and the memories will always be held dear.

Also, growing up was without the perks of the present day. For instance, there were few colour TVs back then, fewer computers, no cable TV, no GSM to mention a few of the priviledges we take for granted in the present day.

Back then, we were members of the St. Stephens's Anglican church where mum and dad were very active members and after service every sunday evening at 4pm, one voice and face that was a weekly constant on the State TV (OSRC) was that of prophet T.O Obadare.

He was very much part of my growing-up.

Even though he was visually challenged, yet his personality and spirituality was so strong that thousands would travel from far and near just to listen and watch him speak and preach during his monthly “Koseunti” crusades.
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Thursday, 21 March 2013


The flower that you hold in your hands was born today and already it is as old as you are. ~Antonio Porchia, Voces, 1943, translated from Spanish by W.S. Merwin

Sometimes I imagine how beautiful it would be to hold time in my hands.
To have absolute control over it, to be able to stop the moving hands feverishly working tirelessly to keep the world going. How beautiful it would be to be able to stop the ticking for an instant when we need to savor the sweetness of the present; to be able to wound back the hands when we need to correct or undo what was done in the past and to be able to fast forward it to peep into the future.
Thankfully, time is not within our control and better for us too, because this world would be chaotic if we were all to be in charge.
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Friday, 15 March 2013

Of Gov. Godswill Akpabio and His Generosity..

It is no longer news that Innocent Idibia aka Tuface and Annie Macaulay celebrated their traditional wedding last weekend neither is it news any longer that the state governor of Akwa Ibom promised the couple a car gift during the celebration.

What is news however is the fact that the car gift has finally been handed over to the couple as promised by the state governor.

Personally I have no issue with Tuface & Annie accepting this gift, a gift is afterall what it is..a gift and a symbol of the goodwill and loving heart of the giver.  Also bearing in mind that it was unsolicited and Tuface could very well procure any vehicle(s) of his choice without batting an eyelid, I still find it difficult to put the pieces together.
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Friday, 8 March 2013

Celebrating My Superwomen

Today, March 8 is the International Women's day and what better way to celebrate than to recognise the numerous women of honor that have made impacts in their chosen fields of endeavor.

About the International Women's Day
The IWD is the day set aside globally to celebrate the economic, political and social achievements of women, past, present and future; it is  celebrated annually on March 8 everywhere across the globe. In some countries like China, Russia, Vietnam and Bulgaria, International Women's Day is a national holiday.
It is in addition to celebrating accomplishments or achievements of women also to remind all women of the inequalities or inequities that are still unaddressed globally.

The importance of women in the society cannot be overemphasized actually...yes, we run things, we run the world.

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