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Abandoned to Die: Latest Offshoot of China and the One Child Policy

Just read this on Daily Mail and it kinda messed with my head, still trying to comprehend how a human can do this to an innocent, helpless child that did not ask to be conceived in the first place. A newborn baby girl was left to die in a plastic bag with her throat cut in China's Liaoning province. The baby still had her umbilical cord and placenta attached and was discovered by a man scavenging in the bin for recyclables who alerted local residents and the police.


  I have been away from here for so long and I sincerely (hands covering my face) apologize for that. Truly wish I could devote more time, but , hey, I am here now. Human Resources Management and Marketing Management took the better part of me for a whole month; just submitted my assessments so I have some time on my hands before the next assessment period. (I -hand on chest- pledge to leave further studying to D1 and D2, God help me. Amen) As I drove in to work this morning, doing the reverse move to position my 'yansh' very well at the parking lot; frantically looking in the two side mirrors simultaneously to avoid 'batching' the Toyota Corolla 2010 model parked beside my slot and finally getting it right, turned off the ignition. Then..I saw this nice 'chicky' looking brown-with-white-spots-beautifully-crafted-all-over-her-body feline wonder..a cat strolling by.