Sunday, 30 November 2014

Bye, November...of 'Mummy, I don't love you'

 Certificates 1 and 2..
Hello Sweethearts, 

Apology for the long absence, November has been incredibly busy on this side of the computer. 

In a few hours, we'd be in December...ain't we all blessed and lucky to still be here? #thankful
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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Would You Be Their Voice?


Sometimes, life could be very busy that we have no space for anything else,

-like calling up a distant friend to find out how they are doing
-like remembering a dear friend's birthday or wedding anniversary
-like remembering to make arrangements for the next morning's breakfast
-like remembering to turn on the Washer
-like remembering to take the children out as earlier promised
-like remembering to get the slides ready for the next day's Presentation
-like remembering to laugh heartily
-like remembering to study or pray
-like getting a manicure
-like getting the hair done / cut
-like going for a date night with hubby / wifey
-like being romantic
-like getting some more fruits or vegies
-like sparing 2 minutes of our time to help save the 'world'..

But remembering that some are not having it half as good and tables could turn (like it did when Ebola sneaked into Nigeria) is bound to put everything into perspective. It's November and countless have gone and are still succumbing to the evil wind blowing across the land.
What really can the (privileged) living do?

Would You Be Their Voice?

Could we pause for a few minutes to savor life?
Look around us and be (a)L.I.F.E.
Rouse ourselves to feel the warmth?
Tilt our head and hear the sounds?
Of thousand fearful whimpers helped along by the wind.

The wind of life bellows with gusto
Giving motion to the very lives around
But why is it deserting their sails?
Look and see their tiny ships cast ashore
Hopeless and forlorn on the sands of time.

Do you still feel the wind?
Ever so busy like a lady bee
Disrespectfully tossing hither and thither
Leaving the fluids of life on the sands
As they forever take their leave of the earthly realm.

Would you be the for them a fresh gust of wind?
A mighty captain from afar come to save?
Would you speak for them?
Would you halt the scourge?

Would you be their voice, today?

Would you please sign the petition today?

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Sunday, 2 November 2014

We Can #EndEbola Together

Truly, we can end ebola together.

It is no longer news that #ebola is wreaking a devastating havoc on some West African countries with Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone being the worst hit.

''Ebola is tearing through West Africa, killing up to 70% of those infected and spreading fear through their communities''

Would not forget in a hurry what I went through some months back when Nigeria had a taste of what these helpless countries are currently facing. The fear and the uncertainties are not something I wish on anyone.

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Saturday, 1 November 2014

More Tags: 20 Random details & Blog Sistahs


So Toinlicious and New Dawn would like to know 20 random facts about me and then New Dawn tagged me as her Blog Sistah. Thanks, Sweetie pies. Never knew anyone could be interested in boring ol' me.

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Liebster Award aka JAMB Qs/As

I was pleasantly surprised to be tagged by Thecla for this award in September *face palm*. Even though it's been close to two months but I owe it to Thecla to do this, already gave my world I'd respond.

You don't know Thecla? She's a beautiful woman of faith who blogs over at This Favored Woman. Her posts are always so enriching and refreshing, so why don't you go over to her site and say hello to her from me?

This award is actually a first for me and I should probably give a speech or something...y'all know how it's done, right? You hold the mic and chants OMG for a while and then launch into some long or short speech as the 'spirit' leads...then you dedicate your award to some lovely people in your life...

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Happy November 

Beautiful people,

It's a brand new day, a brand new month and a brand new beginning.

Ain't we lucky to have come this far considering the happenings around us, the world over? It's indeed a privilege to 'see' this brand new month.

Doesn't matter where we're coming from or where we are right now, we have the gift of a fresh beginning every time we open our eyes to enjoy the fresh breathe of a new day.

This new month, may you experience unanticipated satisfaction, joy and fulfillment all round and may all your heart's desires be granted.

So I say...November will be awesome for you and I.. happy.

Lots of love.