Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Remain Steady..and Win

Can you tell this is another #thingskidssay post?

I am seriously beginning to think differently about this motherhood thing.  

I see myriads of rainbowy beauty already in the nurturing process. A lot more ahah moments are sneaking in on us as we trudge on, on this journey.

So we were gawking at the big screen, the whole 4-makes-a-family-all-of-us and flipping across the screen were the images of some big men chasing one small, round leather contraption, as usual.

Not that I had anything against full grown men chasing one teeny-tiny black/white leather ball, fighting for control but my boy sure had something to say which intrigued me.

D1: ''Mummy, why are they even fighting for the ball? Is it not better to be steady on the ball than fighting for it?'' Dunno how you can be steady on a ball that is not within your control...do you?

''I even think they can win by becoming steady on the ball'' What does this lil man know about being steady or about football at that?

Me: ''How can they win by being steady on the ball?''

D1: ''If they are steady on the ball, they will be able to see very well and send it into the net''

''Is it even a must that they win the trophy?'' Really?

Me: ''Everybody loves winning, Daps, because it feels good'' (I should know)

D1: ''I think it is not a must that they win. Because if they don't win this match, they can win the next one!''


My half-tired senses shot up from their half-sleeping state. This under-age-light-weighted lil boy would not cease bringing the 'open mouth' factor to almost every near-conversation.

You bet the keyword in my new definition of motherhood has nothing to do with bringing forth, now; the whole thing has become a learning program (only difference is there are not going to be formal performance appraisals. So I dare not not pick the nuggets from the blissfully innocent words thrown at me from time to time.

I never for the life of me imagined there would be a reversal of roles at some point on this field of play, pun intended. Well, we learn daily and I sure am bracing up for the many more beautiful rainbows to come through these little ones.

But for now, I'm off to practice being steady on the many balls I juggle so I can win in the end. I don't even want to analyze the words right now, the superficial would suffice for now but I'm leaving you to dissect and digest as you wish.

And I'm also going to leave you with his words which I hope blossoms into a rainbow of hope to color your heart -keep steady on the ball and don't you worry if you do not win this one, tomorrow is another beautiful day to try again. And win.

Do you usually unexpectedly experience older-than-age wisdom from under-age kids? Care to share?

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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Love is All They Need

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''Mummy, you are the best cooker in the whole wide world'' . 

'Cooker' is oftentimes interchanged with 'maker' or 'baker' depending on the circumstances...and on what the trigger is (food or tea or treat).

''Mummy, I love you...you are the best''

I get to hear these words followed by bear hugs at least 8 times daily averaging 4 emotional-laden words from each starry-eyed boy per day.
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Monday, 13 April 2015

E is for Escalators

File:HK TST 香港藝術博物館 Art Museum interior Schindler escalators.JPG

Wondering what that escalator is doing up there? Will get to it in a second.

I thoroughly enjoyed the last Easter holiday so much that I really wish I could rewind and go over it again.

Been promising to take the boys to the Cinema for a while and we finally chose 'Easter Monday' of all days to visit the one at Ikeja City Mall.

You also want to ask what got into me, right?
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