Friday, 15 August 2014

Sniff. Peek...Sightings Near Home

* Long Rambling Alert...Read this and you get  2 for the 'price' of 1...hahaha...kinda like getting more than you bargained for...Actually started writing this post three weeks ago but it never 'saw the light of day'....until today, that is...A whole lot has happened within the last one month...a lot*

Once upon a loooonng time, terrorism was a far off menace. Evils being battled by veeeeeery distant 'unlucky' countries that we only hear / read about...but now its come home to roost.

Can you think of a life lesson from this?

10 years ago, I never ever imagined we would be, in Nigeria. But we're here and it just keep getting worse. Could really be worse than it already is. I only pray it doesn't get any worse till it gets better.

I read about what's going on in the Middle East and I still utter thanks to the Almighty. At least it's not that bad, yet.

He still loves us, really and His grip is ever so firm on us.
I just had to add this...a constant reminder and source of comfort, for me.

Still...over 140 days...the Chibok girls remain missing, the kidnapping still continues -over 100 boys and men this time around, the killing still goes on in the North and many prayers have gone unanswered or so it seems.

At least some of my lil boy's heartfelt unrelenting plea every night is yet to be answered by the Supreme Being.

''Let the kidnapped schoolgirls be released to go home in Jesus name...let the boko haram people stop being bad and let them stop killing everybody in Jesus name...boko haram will not come to Nigeria again in Jesus name...they will not come to Lagos in Jesus name...there will be no war in Nigeria...there will be peace in Nigeria...nobody will fall sick in Jesus name...nobody will die in Jesus name...we will be happy in Jesus name...''

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