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Have you ever done something you're not proud of?

Source It was a wet evening on a narrow in-street road. There were houses on the left and more houses on the right hand side. A huge Lawma waste truck was occupying a large chunk of the narrow road to the right. An elderly woman sat behind a tray of ripe plantain just by the drainage on the left side, watching the cars wobbling along on the uneven road filled with random potholes and pockets of puddles.

He Had A Dream

Yes, my little one -D2 had a dream. (Will get round to sharing big bro's many dreams anytime soon). But you know there are dreams, and there are dreams. I'm talking here about the dream that comes from snuggling in a comfy bed and drifting off into wonder land, you know. So my mighty 3yr old boy has been dreaming much of late. And his latest dream consists basically of one activity. Football. You guessed right...he apparently extends his playtime into wonderland.

460 days to go...

Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock. The clock is really ticking loudly as we slowly but surely move towards the end of 2014. It constantly reminds me that 2015 is so so near and raises so many questions in my heart...


Image source Becoming a mother is every woman's dream...well, not every woman's dream which is okay by the way. But it was one of mine. I craved the joys of motherhood forgetting that oftentimes, pain accompanies the actualization of dreams. You go through the dreamy 9-monthy motions and voila...the cute wrinkly squirming pinkish bun that took 40 weeks or less to bake pops out in all his slimy glory.

Of Stolen Innocence

  Source   I grew up in an age and environment where children were allowed to be children and adults allowed to be adults. Seriously. It wasn't the stone age but in my house, our dresses and skirts were always knee length and pants had enough room. No skinny-show-me-your-figure kind of stuffs. God help you if you refuse to put on what was picked for you to wear to outings / events / occasions. Never had the 'opportunity' to wear make up until I gained admission into the tertiary institution.

September...Please Be Kind

Source Hi Lovelies, September officially marks the beginning of a new school session...or so it was until Ebola reared its ugly head and resumption had to be postponed for another one month. It also marks the beginning of the end of the my mind. It's a time to reflect...on how far we have come in the year and how good God has been to us and ours even in the midst of our many travails. If you are reading this, then you have a whole lot to be grateful for. The gift of life alone is more than enough reason to be thankful. Seeing a new day really presents a new opportunity to shoot at the stars....and get it right. May all your previous struggles turn to joy and just like those beautiful sunflowers up there, may your life radiate with beauty and may every step you take be colored with success. This new month will be kind.