Monday, 29 September 2014

He Had A Dream

Yes, my little one -D2 had a dream. (Will get round to sharing big bro's many dreams anytime soon).

But you know there are dreams, and there are dreams.

I'm talking here about the dream that comes from snuggling in a comfy bed and drifting off into wonder land, you know.

So my mighty 3yr old boy has been dreaming much of late.

And his latest dream consists basically of one activity. Football.
You guessed right...he apparently extends his playtime into wonderland.

Talking about football, we always have a session, together every evening. More like I'm always bullied, blackmailed and wailed into doing some passage runs with the duo every evening before heading into the kitchen to make dinner.

Not complaining much though. You know how kids grow very fast and I double-cringe to think a day might come when I would become 'old and boring' to them.

As I was saying. writing, he's been dreaming and I got the privilege to peep into one of the dream sessions...oh the perks!
So on waking yesterday, part of my early morning 'convo' with D2 yesterday went thus:

Him: Mummy, I had a dream...
Me: so what is it about?
Him: (drowsily) Football..
Me: You dreamt about playing football?
Him: Yes.
Me: So who did you play with? Daddy? Me? D1?
Him: No.
Me: So with who?

And then the most unlikely playmate popped out...
Him: I played with Jesus. 

Now who woulda thunk in a thousand years that Jesus plays football?

And He obviously is a Master of the game too judging from the scoreline.
So He scored 3 goals while His younger teammate (they're teammates even though their jerseys may be the dream) scored 1 goal.

I even prodded him to describe what He looks like. So here we go...for those of you that have dreamless footballess days + nights and may be unable to conjure an image of the Master.

He's big and tall, has lots of hair and runs fast...(Ronaldo and the rest, keep off...we're not referring to you here)

Now, can you beat that? Very cool.

You also want to see Him in your dream? Play football until all you can think of or dream of is football and Jesus.

(As this month rolls to an end, praying He shows Himself big, tall and fast for you in every way...more than you could ever ask or imagine)

#thingskidssay #gottadocumentthis #blissfullinnocence

Do have a humorously blessed week.

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At 30/09/2014, 15:19 , Blogger untonyto said...

Live and love football and Jesus? I (almost) entirely fit the description. Only the dreams remain.

At 30/09/2014, 20:26 , Blogger Abiola Olaleye said...

Hahahaha....So he's not alone then.

Thanks, Antony.

At 30/09/2014, 22:24 , Blogger New Dawn said...

I couldn't help laughing over the dialogue...KIDS! ...Who knows, maybe he truly did! :D
Happy independence day to you sistah.

At 03/10/2014, 04:48 , Blogger Abiola Olaleye said...

I couldnt laugh during our
Thanks, sis.

At 23/10/2014, 20:33 , Blogger Nike Fakorede said...

Just reading this though almost a month late, was in stitches, laughed so hard. Ok now, playing football with Jesus, interesting. I beg, was He in an Arsenal jersey? Love to the 2 Ds and the big D o and have a restful night.

At 01/11/2014, 14:14 , Blogger Abiola Olaleye said...

Thanks, ma'am. Very interesting. Two days ago, he scored 7 goals while Jesus score


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