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Hello June...

Source This new season, May each day be full of sunshiny blessings, May glad tidings resound all through for you, May peace encompass you round about, May your barn never dry up, May you be established home and abroad,  May favor be your story, May unprecedented success be your testimony, May terror and oppression be far removed from you. Happy new June, beautiful friends.

Another Angel Without Wings -Faces of Love (II)

I've been thinking of the Millenium development goals and how far Nigeria is from hitting the mark with all the problems that encompasses us all round. Truth is, we may never get there any time soon if we have to totally rely on the government.  I still strongly believe every child deserves the best, education being just one of the best and I'm hoping this is one of the issues the new administration gets right within the next four years.

Happy Belated Children's Day

I wanted to put up a post on children's day which we celebrated here in Nigeria on May 27 but I eventually managed not to....for the very reason I wanted to in the first place. Confused yet? You see, I was cooped up with four energetic bundles of blessing throughout the day and as much as I loved to take them out, I had to think twice and conserve the fuel we had so we could at least go to work the next day. #NotMyFault

Fairy Dishwashing Liquid Soap is Our New Kitchen Rave - Review

Mothers...Fathers. ..sisters...brothers...friends...sweethearts...everyone,  Please get in here. How are y'all doing? The month of May is packing her bags to make room for June, I sincerely hope those dreams are beginning to fall into place gradually. Don't you worry, it will end well, better than you thought.

Letter to My Daughters-in-law (I)

  Credit   Dear Daughters (in-waiting), I had waited so long to remove the 'in-waiting' part so I could properly address you as 'daughter'. I can't explain this but you have been on my mind a lot lately. Maybe it is the realization that time is not slowing down as I celebrate the sixth mother's day and these boys of mine are growing way too fast.