Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Human Placenta: Yummy or Yuck?


The internet has been agog with what I term the 'Placenta Controversy' in recent times.

Imagine you were a woman who just came home after the long and arduous task of heralding your cute bundle into the world. Pining for a hot meal of home made soup after the dry meal you had to put up with at the hospital.

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Friday, 15 June 2012

Unbreak My Ankles

 Just went to check out some books at the bookstore nearby; going in through the gate striding towards the store, who did I see but this pretty diva-wannabe-fashion-conscious-to-the-point-of-torture young woman.
Now, why did I, like almost everyone else making their way into the mall rest my gaze on this pretty diva-wannabe-fashion-conscious-to-the-point-of torture young woman?

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Change On My Mind

Hiya. I'm back (well, for now)

How are you all doing?

Been gone for a while, well one week and a day actually but beginning to feel like I've been gone for a month and a day.

Now what have I been up to? Generally my time has been taken up by work and family, getting more and more hectic lately; and with exam around the corner, can't get any busier.

Change has been on my mind lately (you would have gotten a hint from my changing and rearranging the blog title over and over again), you know what they say about it being the only constant factor in life.

Going through the phase of re-orientation and well, what can I say...things are definitely going to change around here, positively.

Remember, being averse to change is tantamount to being averse to progress.

See you real soon (In my Mickey Mouse' voice).



Thursday, 7 June 2012

...And We Have Moved On



Time was 4.30pm, Sunday June 3rd.

I had just gone into the kitchen to get ribena for one of my little men when my younger brother came out of his room and announced that he just heard there was a plane crash somewhere at Agege.

First reaction was disbelief. "Are you sure of what you are saying?"

My 'bambinos' momentarily forgotten as I raced to bring out my laptop to check the veracity of his statement. Logged on and there it was, anybody's worst fear coming to play, unraveling before our very own eyes.

It has been four days, weeping still endure at the various affected homes and pains in all our hearts.

Even though I do not personally know anybody involved, yet the pain is still so poignant and surreal.

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