Friday, 15 June 2012

Change On My Mind

Hiya. I'm back (well, for now)

How are you all doing?

Been gone for a while, well one week and a day actually but beginning to feel like I've been gone for a month and a day.

Now what have I been up to? Generally my time has been taken up by work and family, getting more and more hectic lately; and with exam around the corner, can't get any busier.

Change has been on my mind lately (you would have gotten a hint from my changing and rearranging the blog title over and over again), you know what they say about it being the only constant factor in life.

Going through the phase of re-orientation and well, what can I say...things are definitely going to change around here, positively.

Remember, being averse to change is tantamount to being averse to progress.

See you real soon (In my Mickey Mouse' voice).




At 16/06/2012, 06:55 , Blogger ayoolagoke said...

welcome back..


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