Sunday, 2 November 2014

We Can #EndEbola Together

Truly, we can end ebola together.

It is no longer news that #ebola is wreaking a devastating havoc on some West African countries with Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone being the worst hit.

''Ebola is tearing through West Africa, killing up to 70% of those infected and spreading fear through their communities''

Would not forget in a hurry what I went through some months back when Nigeria had a taste of what these helpless countries are currently facing. The fear and the uncertainties are not something I wish on anyone.

When you have kids or dependents, it becomes worse. I remember my fear was mainly on account of my children, how to protect them from it all.

Children are actually endangered the most with their future left hanging in the balance. Every child should enjoy parental care, love and comfort. Every child should have access to health and education but with the current battle for survival, this is mere wishful thinking at this time. The parents meant to provide the comforts are dying, likewise the children too. 

They succumb daily to the grim reaper garbed in the cloak of ebola.

This is why we all need to act, NOW, regardless of our geographical location.

It is better late than never, they say. 

Consider the countless lives that have been needlessly wasted. I mean if Sierra Leone or Liberia or Guinea had sufficient resources / infrastructure in place, the effect wouldn't have been catastrophically grave like we are witnessing right now.

 ''Almost 5,000 people have died of Ebola in West Africa and more than 13,500 cases have been confirmed since the beginning of the outbreak'' - WHO

Think of the young 2yr old girl who contracted the disease after losing her parents to it in Sierra Leone, she later died in Mali.  

Think of Dorcas who lost her parents and sibling to the disease but survived.
Think of the medical health volunteers that watch the devastation daily, lives ebbing painfully away while they helplessly could do no more.
Think of all the medical volunteers who put their lives on the line just to make a difference in this battle.
Think of how easily it spread to America, Nigeria and other countries and how easily it can spread to any country in the world.
Think of the over 5000 helpless victims of this dreadful disease.
Think of the devastating after effects on the survivors; the short + long term effects on kids and adults alike.
Think of the countless other unreported cases which also form part of this sad statistic.
Think of the entire families being wiped out daily, children being left parent-less with no hope for the future and parents being left children-less.

My kids and yours are privileged to be in school but think of the schools in those countries which have been indefinitely closed.

It is a real battle for survival out there and it would be unwise to just sit back in our comfort zones thinking we are safe from it all.

No country is truly safe until Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone and every other country is totally free from #ebola.

Let us come together to act, NOW to stop this epidemic from further destroying our future and the future of our children in West Africa and the world over.

Now, where and how can we help?

You see, there is an upcoming meeting of the powerful G20 world leaders in a few days time -November 15 to be precise and the petition on Save the Children's website may actually make a difference. Even if it doesn't, we would have contributed our own quota, right?

Members of the G20 are capable of delivering the resources required for adequate international response on #ebola.

Isn't that some good news?

But if we do not gather enough signatures a la voices, this may just get swallowed up in the face of other issues.

''According to the UN, if states have committed and deployed the required resources by the time of the G20 meeting in November the transmission rate will be on track to decline by the end of the year''

Let us all heed this clarion call to join the campaign and call on leaders of the G20 to ensure all people, equipment and funding needed to halt the outbreak are in place by the 15th November.

You're probably wondering how you may really help when you do not know any of the G20 leaders personally and you are neither a medical personnel nor do you have millions of dollars to donate to fight the scourge.

Simply contribute your 'widow's mite' by visiting Save The Children's website now and signing the petition to call on world leaders to act swiftly and rightly to commit resources to end ebola.

Kindly sign the petition here, I just did.

At the time I signed, there were just 1922 signatures, yours is very much needed and would not take more than a minute of your time.

We can indeed make a difference, together.

It's not over until it is truly over.

( 'Bi ina o ba tan laso, eje kin tan l'eekan' )

Thank you for supporting this cause and do have a beautiful week.

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At 02/11/2014, 19:48 , Blogger Michael said...

Great! I just signed the petition. May God help us!


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