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I have been away from here for so long and I sincerely (hands covering my face) apologize for that. Truly wish I could devote more time, but , hey, I am here now.

Human Resources Management and Marketing Management took the better part of me for a whole month; just submitted my assessments so I have some time on my hands before the next assessment period. (I -hand on chest- pledge to leave further studying to D1 and D2, God help me. Amen)

As I drove in to work this morning, doing the reverse move to position my 'yansh' very well at the parking lot; frantically looking in the two side mirrors simultaneously to avoid 'batching' the Toyota Corolla 2010 model parked beside my slot and finally getting it right, turned off the ignition. Then..I saw this nice 'chicky' looking brown-with-white-spots-beautifully-crafted-all-over-her-body feline wonder..a cat strolling by.

Now some people would have gotten strung up, casting and binding demons at having to be confronted with such a creature on a thursday morning, but I just couldnt resist watching for a while.

Time was 7.45am, so I still had 15 minutes to kill before clocking in.
If you had never taken time to watch a cat move in all his / her glory then you would never understand where the term 'cat-walking' came from.

Assignment 1: If you have to get grandma to send one from the village, then do and study the movement.

She took her time, lazily 'cat-walking' down the wide strip. Luckily, during this parade, no other vehicle chose to drive in. One small foot after the other on her runway;  languorously gazing from side to side, as if to reassure herself her audience is kept fixated on her moves. (And her lone audience was).

As she disappeared out of site, I couldnt help remembering our old cats (mum would bring them back home after visiting with grandma, learnt they keep rats at bay)

They are docile 
They are friendly enough to those around them, when they deem it convenient though.
They scratch when offended or when simply annoyed (patience is certainly not a virtue)
They spend a lot of time preening and grooming themselves, lying down napping for as long as they are undisturbed...they are lazy
They don't clean up their own mess (would excrete -discretely- behind doors and all the hidden corners where one is not likely to stumble upon them, except accidentally, of course)
They don't really give a hoot who you are but for what they can get from you

 If cats are to have a motto, I believe it would be: It's all about me.
They are not exactly good role models.
They lack a human ability and that is the ability to put others before them

We as humans tend  to adopt that maxim too and emulate them in more ways than one; however, we still have the ability to prioritize, give up our time and resources for others.

We have a whole lot in common with cats.

Consider a new baby.
They don't care whether you have eaten or you are fagged out, once they want anything, they must get it. They demand their needs be met before anything else. They would put everything within reach into their mouth, wail at the top of their voices, spend most of their days sleeping and would not clean up their own mess.
Its alright to be a baby sometimes, (even to have cat-like tendencies) we all have to pass through that stage but the problem arises when we refuse to grow up.
We need to mature and grow up to be what and who He wants us to be.
If we have to look back to where we were last year, would we conclude we are better, have fewer feline or baby tendencies or we are worse?
Do we still spend time pampering and preening ourselves, time that could have been put to better use?

While it's all right to spend time and money on ourselves, after all we have all got one life to live, but moderation is key. Setting our priorities right is key. Putting others first is key.

So next time you (are priviledged to) see a cat, remind yourself of where your priorities lie, is it all about you?

Enjoy the rest of your day / week.


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