Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Meet Betty...

Warning: This post is actually ''2 in 1''!
Number One
I first met Betty in September, 2012 at a time I needed a friend to encourage my latest exploit / passion.
Immediately I set my eyes on her, we took to each other like fish to water and I had no choice than to bring her home with me; providing the much needed shelter and a safe haven from the extreme loneliness she must have endured.
She had since found a permanent abode with me. I see her everyday and we commune, heart to heart at least once in a week. 
She has been faithful, never complaining no matter what she is subjected to, ever cheerful, tough and dependable. 
Sweet sweet old Betty.
Meet her after the cut.

Lol..sorry about that.

I really love the old rusty lady and she had lately earned my respect even more given that she has become fruithful doing what she does best. Creating.
I had churned out a couple of skirts and blouses since she came to live with me. I would be sharing pictures and posting updates of my adventure with Betty in due course, maybe a couple of tutorials as we go along..who knows...
Number Two
Prior to having Betty, I had been paying through my nose, literally to get professional services where tailoring/designing is concerned.
Oftentimes I balked at the prospect of coughing out so much just to made good stuffs out of my materials (which are always cheaper than the cost of sewing them!) that I gave out my materials to 'unprofessional' designers at cheaper price of course only to have them mess up my cloths!
I had to take this decision of becoming a self styled fashion designer / seamstress if I had to continue wearing cloths other than ''ready made'' stuffs and I must confess it has been fun, ever since I took that step.
Now if you have time on your pretty hands and interested in sewing and do not know where or how to start, just take the plunge and start with easy peasy projects like throw pillows, aprons, bedsheets, etc. before moving on to intermediate and hard projects.
To the news of the day / week, D1 had been asking for a new bedsheet and pillow and I hadnt really had the time to go shopping.
Rummaging in our closet last weekend, I came across this old vintage flatsheet originally designed for a big 5'' x 7'' and I decided to make a bedsheet for him out of it.
Below is a picture of the pillow case (throw pillow..lol) I rustled up for him.
He rejected it at first though...ouch
"I want a big pillow like Daddy's own, give this one to D2 because he's a baby and I'm a big boy. I don't want a small pillow''
Imagine the cheek..not even a thank you before complaining!
He's now so in love with the bedsheet and pillow that he wouldn't allow D2 near both!


Pretty easy to whip up, maybe the easiest of all projects.
Reminds me of the simple projects we were given in secondary school sewing classes. The good news is anybody could virtually handle this, with or without a sewing machine.
Materials needed:
Material for bedsheet / pillow case
Matching thread
Tape rule
Sewing machine or needle and thread
The pillow is a 16'' x 16''.
Basically I just added added extra 1'' each for seam allowance, marked it on the sheet and cut out straight.
The back piece was 17'' x 17'' (with seam allowance) while the front piece was cut into 2 to make room for the pillow to go in.
So I had 3 pieces in all, 1 piece for the back and 2 pieces for the front. Extra 2" was added to each of the front piece.
The wrong sides were lined up on top of each other and sewed together while the front opening were ''top-stitched'' .
Below is a picture of the frontal part..and yes I used blue thread because I made this on impulse, no time to dash down the street to get matching thread.
The arrangement could be adjusted to suit your style or to allow for overlapping and you could also add zip or ruffles to the pillow.
I love the floral detail and the chevron stripes. (Ipulled up the top so the other end could be visible)

The bedsheet:
After measuring and cutting out the sheet to his bed size, I just sewed down only one side.
I decided to nip in the four corners of the sheet so it would fit snugly over his bed. I merely measured the width of the bed, marked it out on each edge of the wrong side of the sheet with pink chalk and sewed straight up to tuck everything in.

Folded the edge (right sides together) and made straight stiches.

This is what each nipped edge looks like:

Sorry, I didn't have the time to show the finished effect by laying his bed and taking a snapshot of the finished product .
After finishing the bedsheet and pillow case, I was still itching to make 'something' and as I had this yard long material waiting to go to the dumps, I decided to make an apron and wash cloth to go with it!
''Twas actually the scarf of an outfit I used to love. That is simply repurposing from scarf to apron..lol
I particularly like the singular embroidery on it and simply cut around it. It looks better in real life...I promise. 

The apron has a big singular pocket in front just under the embroidery. Sorry for the poor picture quality, it will get better. (I promise..again..lol)

The wash cloth has a towel on one side and the remnant of the apron material on the other side to give it a ''trendier'' look.

Will definitely be making more of these washcloths in different sizes, vibrant colours and shapes...and you can hand stitch too... I actually handstitched the top as poor Betty was already groaning by this time. couldn't blame her, been working nonstop for 6hrs or so.
The posibilities are limitless...tuck it into your apron or just hang it anywhere in the kitchen...use them for wiping hands, kitchen sink, cookers / top, pots, plates..even walls!
So there. That's basically what I did during my crafting/sewing session for the week.
Will be sharing more detailed tutorials with clearer pictures subsequently so be sure to stop by ocassionally if you are particularly interested in sewing and crafting.

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At 26/03/2013, 22:09 , Blogger Eya Ayambem said...

Lovely betty

At 27/03/2013, 08:30 , Blogger Abiola said...

Lol..thanks for stopping by, Eya.

At 28/03/2013, 12:01 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice one

At 28/03/2013, 13:33 , Blogger Abiola said...

Oh thanks, Trendy Sturvs.


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