Wednesday, 1 January 2014

(A Very) Happy New Year


Hello beautiful people,

You are on this page simply because you made it to 2014 and I am so happy to see the new year with you.

I already feel strongly that this year is going to be the best I've experienced so far and I pray it is going to be for you and I a year of lifting, promotion, progress, exceeding joy, abundance, victory, fulfillment, prosperity, transformation, positive turn-around, expansion, pleasant surprises and unending peace.

See you around soon.




At 02/01/2014, 05:51 , Blogger Rhapsody said...

blessings, love, wisdom, confidence, contentment and support be with you throughout the year and beyond.


At 02/01/2014, 11:41 , Blogger SarahGeorge said...

A very Happy New year to you too!

At 02/01/2014, 15:02 , Blogger sykik said...

Happy new year

At 02/01/2014, 15:41 , Blogger Yvonne I. Wilson said...

Happy New Year Abiola! Double-fold blessings to you for 2014 and beyond!

At 02/01/2014, 20:11 , Blogger Abiola said...

Amen. Thanks for stopping by, Rhapsody.

At 02/01/2014, 20:12 , Blogger Abiola said...

Thank you, SarahGeorge.

At 02/01/2014, 20:12 , Blogger Abiola said...

Wish you came, dear sis.

At 02/01/2014, 20:13 , Blogger Abiola said...

Glad to have you around, Yvonne and thanks for the prayer too.

At 04/01/2014, 05:37 , Blogger Stephanie said...

Hello dear Abiola! Wishing you a New Year filled with God's special joys and His sweet peace! Love and hugs to you, lovely friend!

At 08/01/2014, 16:12 , Blogger Abiola said...

Dear Stephanie, so happy to have you here. Wish you and yours a very beautiful year too.

Loving and hugging you right back.


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