Sunday, 15 November 2015

The Gloomy Sky that Spoke..

I'm writing this at my break time at work amidst my cluttered desk.

Sometimes, it appears as if a tornado just ravaged my work desk with the loads of unattended requests, transactions, quotes, Orders, Cards scattered all over, etc. I rather think it has less to do with having too much to do and more to do with organization, anyway.

I know. You know.

Maybe my luck is running high and you would even like to drop by one of these days so I can give you a 'tour' of the place I call home for now.

That tour would not take more than 5 seconds considering that the palatial edifice I am talking about is more like a 'macro studio' with its own fair share of space...

Humor me, will you?
Thank you. (*wink*)

You are however guaranteed to see more within those short 5 seconds than you would think or imagine such a 'small' space could hold.

Clothes on the pressing board, 'truck-load' of laundry inside the red laundry basket nestling in a corner at the far end of the passage, 3-day washed clothes waiting to be freed from the washing machine, hair brushes here and there, a shoe here and there, 'that' black belt waiting for the next tender-hearted human to pick it up, pencils, story books, note books, crayons, and even much more.

You're not scared much, yet, are you?

Don't worry, you won't trip and you won't get your dainty foot on any mushy, slimy stuff...we've got it perfectly under control as the 'spirit' has been leading. Yeeeesss.

Maybe that's also your truth as much as it's mine. If it is, then we may as well be kindred spirits and on the flip side...I'm owning my truth. I love it regardless.

Maybe I've got too much to handle (like you), today. Everyday.

But tell you what? The state of my desk and home absolutely matches the state of my heart. Very much so, lately.

Myriads of thoughts constantly running amock, littering the floor of the mind...what to make for breakfast tomorrow or dinner tonight, how to keep my lil men entertained, how to constantly 'bend' them into shape, D1's weight or lack of, D2's stuttering, the many outstanding tasks, phone call 'debts', the business, the career, the future, the looming recession and it's unavoidable effects, skyrocketing bills, all those unlatched 'containers' on the rickety trucks always falling on innocent motorists, alarming robbery incidences, my friends needing and deserving 'fruits of the womb', little Ire, some doses of heaviness, cobwebs of dark stark grief...and the list goes on.

It's crazy.

But I have a familiar escape...which is to (almost always) pick and go through my phone to indulge in a favorite pastime of mine...going through pictures taken by me and smiling to myself as I reminisce. In the gallery is the picture above taken somewhere at Grasmere during the last holiday.

It is an 'ordinary' picture of an 'ordinary' sky that could have been taken anywhere in the world but it spoke to me all the same.

My back on the heavy hammock, Tab poised to capture the sky at the Park.

I agree that this particular picture doesn't cut it where good / quality pictures are being rated, it was and still is not the best of (my) pictures but I liked it all the same. Just because. It's 100% mine.

It is a bit gloomy...dark clouds shielding the warm rays of the sun on a cold but (slightly) warm summer morning. Contradictory ba?

But it was only a matter of time before the sun escaped...bursting radiantly forth, bathing everyone it smiles upon with its warm glow.

The picture spoke to me loud and clear.

It reminded me of a very important fact I constantly overlook in all the hustling and bustling and thinking and doing that marks each day.

It told me that if I care to look up (again), I might just catch a glimpse of the sun striving to come forth from behind the clouds... of doubt, fear, sorrow, inadequacies, insecurities, instability, lack, etc.

It told me again that b'ekun pe di ale kan...ayo nbo ni owuro....(if weeping endures for a night, joy comes in the aftermath)

It spoke of hope...and of sunshine coming after the rain, sometimes.

It told me to let you know that whenever those 'clouds' you know so well loom large, the key is in looking up. To Him who is able to give the sun the strength required to break free from the dark clouds ensnaring it...He'll allow the sun shine again and melt away all those thoughts and fears.

The sun will shine bright again. On me. On you. If we just look up and allow the sky to speak to us.

Have a very bright week.

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