Friday, 20 February 2015

Kindred Spirits

Your smile cracks through like the morning dew
Yet through it all your heart cries shine forth
Try as you may to mask the painful thoughts
Yet they bubble through like brew

We know God's care is sacrosanct, but life is hardly fair
Often wearying her loyal inhabitants
As she relishes dishing out mixed croissants
But hunger for more, we dare

Friends are sent from above to hold our hearts and hands
Sweet companions on the journey fraught with joys and pains
Trying to assuage regardless of gains
But we need to navigate the bumps minding the bands

Tears and groaning will soon be gone
For we see the glimmers peeking from behind the cloud
Struggling to break free to embrace, and you to warmly daub
But with the struggles, one more time, we need be done

The heart yearns to make it better
Yet worse it might become
As we struggle to find answers alone on the dome
Which has since threatened to become a crater

Raise your head and look to Him, grit not your teeth
As you try to suppress the feelings and anguish
While hands and hearts we hold on the pitch
Like kindred spirits.

*To YOU and everyone going through any form of painful situation, distress or confusion...look solely up to HIM for solutions...lean 'slightly' on  friends and remain are not alone*

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At 22/02/2015, 21:17 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is so lovely. Love poetry. Thanks for visiting me and commenting. Always appreciated. :)


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