Saturday, 3 January 2015

The Beginning


In my last post for 2014, I briefly touched on my 'brief' goal for 2015 and asked whether people still do resolutions.

Have you formed yours? Of course you have. And if you haven't, it's not a matter of life and death, right?

Well, 2015 has just begun though today is the 3rd day...this is the very beginning and I must say starting with the Beginning Himself is the icing on the cake, for me ni o.

There are three fresh calendars in the house, one hanging in the living room, one in the bedroom and the third in the kitchen. The mental whiteboard has been wiped clean with “January 2015” screaming from every angle.

Only, the person resolving to be better in all aspects of all life is still me. And I'm still flawed, still tired, my TO-DO list still cramped over and spilling over and over and I still am making mistakes like a real champ.’s a new year, a new beginning, a chance to take a deep breath and start anew. It's a good time to forget the pains and let-downs of yesterday and focus on the here and now.

A fresh start is often inspiring and required, but we don’t necessarily have to tie it to every first day of the year before turning a fresh page, no matter what the calendar says. January 1 is as good a day as March 1 or December 19.  You lie down and sleep and wake up hale and refreshed...that's always another opportunity for a fresh start.

From observations and experience, no sooner do people make 'new year' resolutions than they're forgotten. Very funny. Some hold out for a number of days or at most one month before reverting to the old order. Can you really blame them? #beenthere

Maybe it has to do with the euphoria of making it to the first day of a new year...and after the whole excitement has been drowned in cans of soda and plates of party jollof rice and defeaning sounds of knock-outs, contentment sets in and brings forgetfulness in its wake. Warreva.

In spite of the soda and jollof rice and bangers...I still want to be beat my own leave yesterday behind and focus on the present.

And today, the third day of January, 2015 (like any other day) is a very good day to start.

You see, I already goofed on January 1, few hours into the new a true I just might start all over

I suppose by now you also have fresh 2015 calendars on all the walls that matter in the house but it doesn't really matter what the calendar says because we can have a fresh start, any day, anytime because...He is our new beginning.

Side note: Do people still buy calendars? Can't remember ever buying any.

So as we turn the page on a fresh, new year, let’s look back and marvel at all that’s gone and look forward to all the endless possibilities in 2015.

Regardless of what 2014 it joy or sorrow or pain or everything in between, God was there. He’s been there from the very beginning, bringing life from death and light from darkness, let’s look forward to all He has in store for us in 2015.  

Today and every day, He is our new beginning. and we have a fresh shot at making fresh starts because we still have the privilege of being alive.

I pray 2015 bring new victories, new blessings, new strength for new beginnings, new opportunities / possibilities, new conquests, new mercies, new breakthroughs, new expansions / enlargements, new grace, new testimonies...for you and I.

Happy new 2015, peeps.

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At 04/01/2015, 22:03 , Blogger Thecla Ojeifo said...

Hehehehe. First of all let me laugh @do people still buy calendars?
I honestly can't remember the last time i did.
I love when you said we don't have to wait for a new calendar year before making a decision to start afresh. The most important thing is the will to DO BETTER, to BE BETTER.
Amen to all your prayers for us reading :)
Hugs sis.

At 07/01/2015, 02:43 , Blogger Scrappy quilter said...

I never buy calendars, I always find some that are free. Lovely post.

At 07/01/2015, 15:34 , Blogger Stephanie said...

Hello my dear! Every day is a new day, a fresh start, a new beginning - I am so thankful the Lord allows us to start afresh :)

Your post was a breath of fresh air to read and I' very glad you shared it at Roses of Inspiration. Love to you, my friend!

At 11/01/2015, 07:27 , Blogger Abiola Olaleye said...

Thanks, Sis.

Everyday should really be regarded as a fresh opportunity to re-evaluate our goal's board and start anew.


At 11/01/2015, 07:29 , Blogger Abiola Olaleye said...

Thanks for stopping by, Scrappy quilter.

Not sure anyone buys calendar these days too, I've not seen one displayed for sale in a loooong while too...the best and most simplest things in life are

At 11/01/2015, 07:30 , Blogger Abiola Olaleye said...

Thanks dear Stephanie.

It was a great pleasure joining the linky party.


At 14/01/2015, 17:05 , Blogger New Dawn said...

i have broken most of resolutions sef...ahahaha...i seldom make resolutions even...calendar?...i never bought any.

p.s still no blog update on my roll...not even in g+...i will re-add the url & g+


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