Monday, 6 October 2014

Being Special

I see it in his face
Gazing out the window at strangers
Giving out unsolicited smiles
Hoping to get one in return
Forced or natural, it hardly matters.

When I was much younger
And then this morning too,
In the midst of praying for world peace
and an end to neo natal deaths
I yearn it too.

It didnt matter that he feels it
And hears it daily
From an adoring ma and pa,
In the loving touches and hugs
Words softly spoken with gaiety.

He needs it still more
From someone who didn't have to know him
Let someone who doesn't love him
Wave back and smile hesitantly
At the little boy gawking expectantly.

Then like a million tiny bulbs
I see his face lights up
In him, I see me
As he revel in those moments
Of being special.

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At 06/10/2014, 18:54 , Blogger 'Lara A said...

Great piece, love the poem

At 06/10/2014, 21:05 , Blogger Abiola Olaleye said...

Thanks, 'Lara. You are special.

At 08/10/2014, 15:58 , Blogger Veronica Lee said...

Beautiful poem!
Hi! Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club. Great blog! Have a nice day!

At 08/10/2014, 20:49 , Blogger Abiola Olaleye said...

Hi Veronica.

Many thanks for stopping by and also for your kind comment.



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