Saturday, 14 June 2014

The girl I left behind

As I wipe my brow and plonk down ruminating
The many ways to accomplish the many tasks ahead
The door flew open and in waltzed a stranger panting
A very familiar pretty young face to behold
Have we by any chance met somewhere?

The lines of her face much resembled mine
Her nose, cheekbones and the turn of the mouth
Much like mine though her garbs speak of another clime
Her physique quite like mine turned south
Now I am sure I've met her before.

She sits uninvited opposite me, 
This familiar stranger regarding me with accusing eyes
As she silently sends her queries to my mind so dim
And for a brief moment, we are united albeit still shy
Our bodies are two, yet become one in mind

She asks, what had become of the lofty dreams?
The fantasies we wove together in glee?
Contemplating as I gaze upwards at the bright beams
What does this stranger want from me now I am free?
Many questions dancing on the tips of her lips

She continues, what had become of all the academic plans?
Have the zillion business plans blown away by the wind of time?
The skills acquisition programs and book writing projects finally sealed in cans?
What about the planned holidays carefully thought out in our prime?
She continues to regard me sadly, this familiar stranger.

I have no choice than to nod silently in agreement
The many deserved accusations are well a result of my slack
The silent condemnations still flowing as she becomes vehement
All well soaked up as we sit silently communing in the dark
Then I gently rise beckoning to her to come with me

To where the little wonders reclined, we go
There they are, squealing in front of the TV oblivious of all
Now comes my turn to explain as I point wistfully so
And announced silently to this familiar stranger soft like a doll
Though they are on loan to me but these are my accomplishments, my laurels.

My sunshine and cheerleaders worth more than gold
My sweet clan, the very essence of my being
For them dreams and aspirations have been put on hold
For to shape, guide, nurture and preen
And fulfill the divine mandate, lofty plans for them must be tuned low

Sacrifices must be made, wrapped with love
In full acceptance of what was, what is and what will be
Till a time they can stand tall, walk unaided and fly like a dove
In a world they are being trained to make their own
A time when all would be done with and acknowledged

She looks back at me, this familiar stranger like a kin
Tears coursing silently down her cheeks
Forging a dewy path down her clear youthful skin
And she nods in gratitude, all angers forgone as we speak
As full comprehension dawns on her that dreams put on hold are not aborted

Finally, she silently waltzed out as she came in,
Eyes still bright with unshed tears and new realization
And a heart with love and gratitude therein
The girl I left behind
Just met the woman I have become.

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At 14/06/2014, 20:59 , Blogger Kiru Taye said...

Beautiful. Melancholic. Liberating.
You write so well.

At 15/06/2014, 04:57 , Blogger Abiola Olaleye said...

Thank you, dear Kiru.

You encourage so well.


At 17/06/2014, 22:02 , Blogger sykik said...


At 19/06/2014, 19:32 , Blogger Sarah Frederick said...

This is absolutely beautiful and captivating. You are an amazing writer!

At 20/06/2014, 20:46 , Blogger Abiola Olaleye said...

Thanks, sis.

At 20/06/2014, 20:46 , Blogger Abiola Olaleye said...

Thank you, Sarah. Your visit is well appreciated.


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