Tuesday, 8 April 2014

How Short Can Life Get?

Just yesterday, the rate at which bleak and bleary news kept fleeting by left me woozed.

You know, every time I checked the news, it just kept getting badder and badder...this post is really going to be full of a couple of unconventional words without abode in the dictionary.

Bomb blasts...bloody news...beheading...shooting...

I just stopped checking at a point and deliberately filled my mind with some warm and positive thoughts, consciously blocking out surrounding realities.

You ever felt that way before?

Soon enough, it was closing time at work and I was reunited with the boys. Thinking is near impossible with those little chatterboxes arguing, recounting, pulling, tugging, contesting and screaming all within the small confines of the car on our way home.

Savouring the peace of getting back home, soon joined hubby in the living room and what did I see on CNN? News of a young lady snatched by death without warning or explanation. Just 25 years. A mother.

Like death gives a hoot about age or courtesy or orientation or gender or social status.

Peaches Geldof left her two beautiful boys under the age of 2, husband, father, siblings and friends. I knew her not, at least not personally save what I read on the web but as a mom to 2 young boys who depend on hubby and I for everything, it was just heartbreakingly sad.

Her father's tribute just capped it all.

No parent deserve to lose their child. It's not right, not fair at all.

Everything came rushing back. Whooshing through my being, you know all the suppressed gloomy feelings struggling to find expression all in an instant.

Oh well, God knows best.

20 mins later, my younger bro pinged / buzzed me. And another bombshell which left me shell shocked. We just lost a second cousin. My cousin's little daughter, snatched away before she could even start living.

I vividly remember her shy face and tiny frame. She was a very courageous beautiful little girl who went through so much in her short lifetime. Even though we live in different states but I know too well the pains, struggles and battles that become the constant companion of anyone with the SS genotype.

Pain beyond all reasons.
Struggles to overcome the pain. To breathe and see the next dawn.
Battles not to succumb to it all.

She fought and she's been taken. Now. Forever.

O death, where is your sting? O grave, where is your victory?

You are at peace now, in a better place away from the clutches of pain. You are free from it all, resting from all your gallant battles. You have become one with the angels and the full meaning of your name will forever play out in eternity.

''One whom the King pampers''. That is the translation of her native name. She is with her father and King now. The King of all kings Who noone can query.

I heard the anguish in her strong mum's voice even though she tried to mask it courageously and I was broken all over again. What more is left to be said?

Sleep tight, little cousin.

I wrote about my battle with Sickle cell here and I have just one thing to ask of you.

Yes YOU.

If you are yet to make that vital decision of who to spend forever with, please prayerfully decide wisely. Make informed decisions, I beg of you.

Nobody deserves to suffer this way. Not the parents. Not the innocent kids.

Again, no parent deserve to outlive their child. Not one.

Do your bit in preventing pain, sorrow and suffering. Educate someone today. Let all eyes be opened and let all minds be illuminated with the light and understanding of God.

To everyone battling with this chronic condition,
God is your strength. Hang in there. Heads up. Shoulders high. Chin up. Stay positive. You will overcome and emerge stronger.

To everyone grieving a loved / lost one,
Cheer up. You will soon be cloaked with the garment of praise. Your ashes shall be exchanged for His beauty and the oil of gladness for your mourning.

To everyone still living,
Remember that our life is synonymous with time. It is borrowed. Nobody's time is promised so let us live each day as if it is our last.

Hug someone today. Tight. Tighter.
Put a smile on someone's face today.
Impact someone positively today.
Lift someone up with your words today.
Read a book today.
Be happy today.
Laugh heartily with abandon today.
Live your dream today.
Do something you love today.
Give of that time today.

Remember you have no time but today, so make it worth your while; life is indeed short, give it all you've got and live it well.



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At 09/04/2014, 00:40 , Blogger New Dawn said...

*audible sigh*..sorry about your loss ... you know, words can never be enough to express one's pain and esp parents losing a child.......sigh! GOD please comfort the bereaved and give them the strength to endure and carry on living.
Regarding the daily bad news... sometimes, .I play the ostrich..if not....I would be sad all the time....about SS, it's a very sensitive issue that should be handled delicately.

At 09/04/2014, 07:58 , Blogger Abiola said...

Thanks, sis.

Going to start burying my head in the sand whenever it becomes too much, might work for me too.

I also agree the issue of genotypes and decisions that come with it are sensitive, I have a strong personal opinion about it given my background but of course, it's just an opinion. God help us all.

At 09/04/2014, 10:31 , Blogger Toinlicious said...

I feel you on the bad-news overload. I don't go looking for news anymore unless there's something I'm trying to clarify. When i even see beheading-kinda news, i don't read further. There's only so much i can take. I can't keep losing appetite when I'm trying to gain weight

So sorry about your second cousin. I love the last part of your post so much.
"Hug someone today. Tight. Tighter."

At 09/04/2014, 11:10 , Blogger 1 + The One said...

*Hugs*.. Sorry about your loss.. I pray that God will comfort you and her family.
May God help us to embrace each second we live as golden and more importantly, to prepare for the here-after because that's where eternity lies.. xx

At 10/04/2014, 19:00 , Blogger Abiola said...

Thanks dearie. You got me laughing out at 'can't keep losing appetite...'

Going to adopt your strategy because we are in the same ship...need some flesh.

At 10/04/2014, 19:02 , Blogger Abiola said...

Thanks, 1 + The One and a mighty loud amen to your prayers.


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