Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter, Friends

Happy Easter

This is a very quick one to wish you all a very happy Easter holiday / celebration.

How did you celebrate it if you did? (Or how are you celebrating?)

I understand some don't believe or celebrate it, while it's a ritual for some; I however wish everyone a very lovely weekend.


Greater love hath no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends -John 15:13)

May the power of resurrection revive every good thing that has hitherto died in our lives.

May this nation begin  to experience great peace and may there be an end to devastation, chaos, deaths and destruction.

May our hearts and homes experience joy and peace like never before.




At 21/04/2014, 00:44 , Blogger New Dawn said...

Same to you sistah :)
And a big amen!

At 22/04/2014, 16:27 , Blogger Sykik said...

Mama, How are you doing? How was the Easter break?

At 28/04/2014, 19:06 , Anonymous favoredwoman said...

Wish you the same love. May the Spirit of resurrection continually lift you up and sustain you and all yours in Jesus name.

At 10/05/2014, 07:06 , Blogger Abiola said...

Thanks, sis.

At 10/05/2014, 07:07 , Blogger Abiola said...

I'm good, sis. Trust the storm is over now. God is your strenght.

At 10/05/2014, 07:07 , Blogger Abiola said...

Thanks, sis. And amen.


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