Friday, 20 April 2012

Wonderful News: Doctors successfully removed extra limbs fron baby who was born with 6 legs!

Remember the story published two day ago?

Please continue reading..

A baby boy born with six legs has had a successful operation to remove his four extra limbs, doctors said today.
The youngster from Karachi in Pakistan was believed to have had a parasitic twin, which had not developed properly in the womb, resulting in the extra legs.
Doctors examined MRI, blood tests, and CT scans before deciding to operate on the boy
The baby after the surgery.

A team of five doctors had fought to save the boy's life at the National Institute of Child Health in Karachi.
The head of the NICH, Jamal Raza, said the abnormal birth was the result of a genetic disease which would affect only one in a million or more babies.

The baby had been in an intensive care unit ward since he was born last week to the wife of an X-ray technician.
Imran Shaikh, the baby's father who lives in Sukkur, said he was grateful his son was treated.

Wish baby Umar and parents the best.

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