Sunday, 8 April 2012

Thank God It's Sunday?

Just came up with a parallel one to

Seriously, does anyone ever feel this way? Have you ever, in all honesty, said thank God it's Sunday?

I for one (always) dread Sundays. Now do not get me wrong, Sunday is holy and we keep it free to serve and worship and relax in preparation for Monday.
But...if you ever have to get up 3.30am, Monday to Friday, doing chores, getting kids ready, doing the school run, facing work, etc etc..then you would understand my drift.

Well I suppose we can still say thank God for Sunday as it represent the last 'resting' day of the week, and ain't we supposed to be refreshed after the activities of saturday?

One special blessing of this particular Sunday though..its Easter Sunday and we get to add Monday to our 'weekend'..

So thank God it's Sunday. (And thank God for the gift of life)

Enjoy your day, folks.

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