Thursday, 26 April 2012

NPF Uncovers Explosive worth N9m

Nigerian Police reportedly discovered a large volume of explosive materials in Kano on Wednesday, April

The homemade bomb planted in an open sewer across from Bukavu military barracks caused people to flee and businesses to shut, a military spokesman said.

Kano state police chief Ibrahim Idris told reporters that policemen discovered three 50-kilogramme sacks of TNT and PENT explosives abandoned in the streets on the outskirts of the city.
He said the explosives were valued at nine million naira ($56,250).
Idris speculated that the owners must have left them out of fear of being arrested at a security checkpoint.

Take a second look at the picture above and check out how innovative they are. Utilized all sorts of 'containers', including the casing of an Automatic Voltage regulator in packaging their instruments of destruction.


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