Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter, and welcome (to my blog)

In the Spirit of Easter

I have thought hard of what should be my introductory message to debut this page and what better idea than to write about Love!

While not trying to be overly religious, today being Easter Sunday when the Lord Jesus Christ arose from the dead, broke free and made a mockery of the evil forces, triumphing over them some 2000+ years ago brings to mind the essence of it all.

Why would anyone want to go through so much pain for some people you do not know, some yet unborn..already prempting them knowing the human nature - strong yet so weak.
Why would anyone stand the torture and anguish of nails being driven, hammered into his / her flesh, tearing through tendons and ligaments..(I can almost hear the sound of the hammer accompanied by screams in my mind) just for some strangers -some unworthy and unfriendly!
Why would anyone bear the burden of several millions of unique specie ever created; hanging on a tree, suspended in space by nails harshly driven through the palms and feet for 3days, nothing to eat or drink (now, that would be the least of my worries in the same situation)

Deep and unfathomable as that is, the underlying message is of a love so great, unexplainable so much it transcends all human / inhuman understanding; so pure transcending race or age or color;
It is of mercy so great, of grace so undeserved.

And it is a reminder of the service we owe Him, to spread the message and the love.

Happy Easter, everyone.

I am a thirty-something year old woman (or lady, if you please) with a mission, to make an impact in my generation, starting with my space.
Many would go..oh..another one just jumped on the blogging bandwagon, well we are all entitled to our opinion; however, please follow up and see how much steam I have got within in the coming days.

Thank you all, and I love you.

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At 08/04/2012, 17:14 , Blogger ayoolagoke said...

welcome to the world of bloggers..thumbs up


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