Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter tragedy: Blast kills 40, injures others in Kaduna (Very sad)

Some or all of us may have read and heard about this, nonetheless, it still doesnt detract from the gravity of it; from the pain and sorrow permeating the atmosphere of the affected homes.

The 'massive' bomb blast left several people dead and many injured, these are people just ;like you and I; people with dreams, hope and ambition. People who woke up and left their abodes to fend for themselves on a day when they should probably be in their houses, relaxing with their families, etc. This much could be gathered from the report as most of those affected are 'okada' riders going about their businesses.

I read in the dailies on Saturday that the Army uncovered a plot by boko haram to bomb Kaduna; also gathered that the United Kingdom and United States issued warnings to their citizens to stay away from Borno, Niger, Kano, Sokoto, Kaduna and Yobe State. Also read that the Presidency issued a statement that there was no cause for alarm and people should go about their businesses and discountenance the alarm cum report!

It beggars the question of the relevance of the (spineless) Government in place.  What exactly are the people in authority doing about this? Afterall the resources are available to combat this, maybe what 'they' lack is the intellectual ability to effectively employ the resources in resolving this. Methink this might be deep rooted in fear, afterall they are also human and these days, the fear of boko haram is the beginning of wisdom.

My heart bleeds for my dear country. A people living on the river bank yet washing her hands with spittle.

How sad.

But, is this ever going to stop? Are we all just going to continue folding our arms, shaking our heads and writhing our bodies in consternation while a fragment, a tiny one at that destroy what has taken over 5 decades to build?
Do we continue to perpetually dwell in danger and fear? 

When are going to be free?

May those that lost their lives RIP;
To those that are still writhing in pain, may the healing balm of Gilead come upon you IJN. 
To our Government, may you receive the courage to do what needs to be done in protecting those that are entrusted into your care.

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